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<APPLET CODE="datatext.class" WIDTH="330" HEIGHT="216">
<PARAM NAME="demicron" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="reg" VALUE="A00009">
<PARAM NAME="foreground" VALUE="00ff00">
<PARAM NAME="background" VALUE="000000">
<PARAM NAME="maxrows" VALUE="17">
<PARAM NAME="width" VALUE="330">
<PARAM NAME="sleeptime" VALUE="50">
<PARAM NAME="fontsize" VALUE="12">
<PARAM NAME="maxitems" VALUE="32">
<PARAM NAME="item0" VALUE="Welcome to Café Java Shoppe">
<PARAM NAME="item1" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item2" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item3" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item4" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item5" VALUE="We offer the following">
<PARAM NAME="item6" VALUE="subjects:">
<PARAM NAME="item7" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item8" VALUE="* Java programming">
<PARAM NAME="item9" VALUE="* Javascript programming">
<PARAM NAME="item10" VALUE="* Java Applets">
<PARAM NAME="item11" VALUE="* JavaScripts">
<PARAM NAME="item12" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item13" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item14" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item15" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item16" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item17" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item18" VALUE="This applet is called datatext...">
<PARAM NAME="item19" VALUE="It simulates a terminal">
<PARAM NAME="item20" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item21" VALUE="You can choose among other things">
<PARAM NAME="item22" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item23" VALUE="* The background color">
<PARAM NAME="item24" VALUE="* The text color">
<PARAM NAME="item25" VALUE="* Printing speed">
<PARAM NAME="item26" VALUE="* Font size ">
<PARAM NAME="item27" VALUE="* Applet width ">
<PARAM NAME="item28" VALUE=" ">
<PARAM NAME="item29" VALUE="Note that the Courier font is">
<PARAM NAME="item30" VALUE="obligatory because of technical">
<PARAM NAME="item31" VALUE="reasons"></APPLET>
Registration nr :A00009