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Lieutenant JG


Sydri Law



Age (Terran Years)


Place Of Birth


Date Of Birth


Marital Status





Deck 5 Quarters 12












Command Code 52288-Beta-6654




Height: 5'8"

Weight: ?

Hair color: blue-black

Eye color: turquoise





Sydri was born on Turan, a member of the prestigious Law family. Turan, once possessed of a strong technological base, practically tore itself apart during a series of civil wars. The leading families of the planet decided jointly that they would turn away from technology. Conflicts would be solved by swords, face to face, and the people would return to a simpler, agrarian economy. The planet was broken up into provinces with one family placed in charge. The patriarch of the family also held a seat on the ruling council. The council was lead by the patriarch of the Law family.

And therein lay the problem. Turan was a patriarchal society where women were held as second class citizens who were expected to marry and to do their duty. Women were not allowed to appear in public places unless escorted by a member of their family. Marriages were arranged between patriarchs for the good of the families. Individual dreams were not encouraged or even permitted. Into this structured, limited society, Sydri was born.

She was intelligent, athletic and free-spirited. She could not accept these restrictions and chose to join the Ishanti Guild instead. The Ishanti are a society of women who choose to live free. This is the only requirement for membership -- that the woman chooses to depend on herself and never give her destiny over to another (man or woman). Guild members are treated with grudging respect. They hire out at any honest profession. The work hard and maintain a professional demeanor. While on duty, guild members do not flirt or try to shirk their share of the work.

When the planet was threatened by another world that sought to take their natural resources by force, Turan accepted membership into the Federation though they preferred not to change their way of life substantially. The Ishanti Guild, however, was another story. Guild members chose to leave Turan and to explore the universe. Some became traders, purchasing small vessels and going from planet to planet. A few chose to join Starfleet -- a harder life since the Ishanti enjoyed their own society and tended to stay close together whenever possible.

Sydri was one such as that. She preferred to join Starfleet and leave the ties with her family as far behind as she could. She worked hard at the Academy and graduated with honors.

Sydri is a gymnast, fearless in high places, and has developed strong martial arts skills. Probably owing to the way she was raised, Sydri prefers hand-to-hand combat but has also learned how to fire energy/distance weapons, even achieving a marksman rating. She is an accomplished fencer as well. From her time working as a tracker and guide with the Ishanti Guild, she has learned how to track, hunt, and survive in the wilderness on almost nothing.

She is honest -- to the point where she is incapable of telling lies even when telling a lie would save her personal embarrassment or pain. She lives in the moment, doesn't worry a thing to death. She is a student of human nature and enjoys challenges. She tends to be on the serious side keeps her own counsel. She doesn't back down from a fight. Giving up isn't in her vocabulary though a tactical withdrawal (and a chance to regroup and try again) certainly is. She works well in a group, even enjoys being part of a group, but also needs alone time as well. She loves to draw, is forever doing sketches on small sketchpads that she has carried with her from ship to ship, and she sings quite well. When she cares, she cares deeply. When she loves, its forever.

On the down side, she chafes at restrictions and abhors slavery and enforced servitude. She has little respect for females who trade on their looks and coquettish manners to achieve their ends -- though such thoughts she tends to keep to herself. She learned long ago that the ways of the universe are not necessary her ways. And she is OK with that for the most part. Though not taciturn or hostile, she is nevertheless slow to open up on a personal level (probably due to the trauma of standing up to her father and leaving the safety of the family at a young age). Choosing to go your own way is scary; learning to keep your own counsel is scarier still.

On a world with a higher than normal percentage of telepaths, Sydri is not telepathic in the traditional sense. She has a strong set of shields that most telepaths cannot breach (and the very few that have ended up causing her so much physical pain that the telepath could not read her in any case) and the ability to sense danger